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Miljković, Branko: The Last Poem (Poslednja pesma in English)

Portre of Miljković, Branko

Poslednja pesma (Serbian)

Zagledaće se večernjača u moje ugasle oči,
i neće naći svoj odraz izgubljeni.
Neko će da se nagne negde nad tihom rekom misli, u seti
Prahnuće u svet tuge što su bile u meni,
i pognuće glave daleki suncokreti.

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The Last Poem (English)

Evening star shall stare at my burned out eyes
and won't find it's lost reflection.
Somewhere someone will over the peaceful river of thoughts lean remembering
Sadness once in me shall fly out into the world
and distant sunflowers will bow their heads.

Uploaded byFehér Illés
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