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Miljković, Branko: Chronicle (Hronika in English)

Portre of Miljković, Branko

Hronika (Serbian)

Prvog dana pomreše ptice i zmije nastaniše gnezda i vetrove
Drugoga dana ribe izađoše iz vode i voda oteče prazna
Trećega dana šuma je pošla prema gradu a grada nigde
Četvrtoga dana sazidaše ćele-kulu od lobanja i skrguta
Petoga dana šuma je skupljala kraj reke obezglavljene leševe
Šestoga dana malo vatre zaljubljeno nalik na sunce
Sedmoga dana ne zapevaše anđeli
Osmoga dana u ponedeljak prvi put zapeva ptica
od pepela i zid progovori.

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Chronicle (English)

On the first day birds died and snakes moved into the nests and winds
On the second day fish left waters and water flowed away empty
On the third day forest went to town but town was nowhere to be found
On the fourth day the Tower was built of skulls and teeth
On the fifth day forest was collecting headless bodies by the river
On the sixth day a little fire in love alike sun
On the seventh day angels did not sing
On the eighth day on Monday the first bird sung from ash and the wall spoke.

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