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Chmel, Karol: Správa pre Istvána Bettesa

Portre of Chmel, Karol

Správa pre Istvána Bettesa (Slovak)

siateho júlobra v sklamanom roku
orchestrálnej stavroginskej éry
zanechal istý melancholik
všetkých sv. srandistov v kóme,
a my by sme sa o tom ani nedozvedeli,
keby sme (celkom náhodou) nenašli
v chlebe zapečenú
krvavú dirigentskú paličku.

PublisherMáš čo nemáš
Source of the quotation

A Message for István Bettes (English)

on the teenth of julober in the disappointed year
of the orchestral stavrogin era
a certain melancholic left
all the Saint jokers in a coma,
and we wouldn't even have known about it
had we not found (by sheer chance)
baked into the bread
a blood-stained conductor's baton.

Source of the quotation100 Years of Slovak Literature, Vilenica