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Chmel, Karol: Andante

Portre of Chmel, Karol

Andante (Slovak)

v káve: budúcnosť: rozpadajúca sa
kocka cukru

infernus: pamäť moja, mojich vidín

usmievaš sa, mitschuldig, ale pomáha to
len tým, čo potrebujú
vysvetlivky; priprav sa na najhoršie,
pôjde o corpus hermeticum, prst
reklamuje triesku, slepec tmu:
lis ignoruje hrozno,
no metaforika pracuje...

PublisherSpray, modrá mentalita
Source of the quotation

Andante (English)

in the coffee: the future: a dissolving
lump of sugar

inferno: my memory, the mirror of my
you're smiling, mitschuldig, but it only helps
those who need
explanatory notes; prepare yourself for the worst,
corpus hermeticum will be the point, the finger
reclaims the splinter, the blind man the darkness:
the press ignores the grapes,
but the metaphors work...

Source of the quotation100 Years of Slovak Literature, Vilenica