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Štrasser, Ján: They won't rescue… (Nezachránia… in English)

Portre of Štrasser, Ján

Nezachránia… (Slovak)

Nezachránia ma z potápajúcej sa lode.
Nevyviaznem spod trosiek zemetrasenia.
To by som ešte prežil.
Viac ma mrzí, že nebudem
ten, kto o tom porozpráva…

PublisherJán Štrasser: Očné pozadie. LCA Levice/Modrý Peter Toronto, MCMXCIX

They won't rescue… (English)

They won't rescue me from the sinking ship.
I won't crawl from under the earthquake's rubble.
But I could live with that.
What kills me is, I’ll never be
the one to tell the tale ...

Source of the quotationRetina, 1999