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Štrasser, Ján: Famous blue raincoat

Portre of Štrasser, Ján

Famous blue raincoat (Slovak)

V mojej šálke sa utopil cukor,
v tvojej zhasol med. Čaj zosmutnel.
Mlčíš. Hovorím.
Drž sa a netráp ma.

V prítmí sa chúlia k sebe
tvoje vyľakané kolená.
Z obrazovky siahajú po nás
cudzí ľudia. Do izby
mrholí Cohen, my brother,
my killer. Hovorím.

Drž ma a netráp sa.
Bojím sa s tebou,
aby si sa tak nebála.

PublisherJán Štrasser: Očné pozadie. LCA Levice/Modrý Peter Toronto, MCMXCIX
Source of the quotationOčné pozadie.

Famous blue raincoat (English)

In my cup the sugar drowned,
in yours the honey quenched. The tea turned wistful.
You're hushed. I speak.
Hold up and don't worry me.
Your startled knees
huddle together in dusk.
Foreign people reach for us
from the screen. Drizzling
into the room is Cohen, my brother,
my killer
. I speak.
Hold me and don't worry.
I'm afraid with you.

Source of the quotationRetina, 1999

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