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The page of Buzássy, Ján, English bibliography

Image of Buzássy, Ján
Buzássy, Ján


Literary work
A Game with Knives (Hra s nožmi, 1965)
The School of Cynics (Škola kynická, 1966)
Nausicaa (Nausikaá, 1970)
Beauty Leads the Stone (Krása vedie kameň, 1972)
Fairy Tale (Rozprávka, 1975)
Phonolite (Znelec, 1975)
A Year (Rok, 1976)
Spirit of the Elderberry (Bazová duša, 1978)
Saint John’s Wort (Ľubovník, 1979)
Plain, Mountains (Pláň, hory, 1982)
The Golden Section (Zlatý rez, 1988)
Remedy with Wine (Náprava vínom, 1993)
Days (Dni, 1995)
Light of the Waters (Svetlo vôd, 1997)
A Walk in Autumn (Prechádzky jeseňou, 2000)
Mrs. Faust (Pani Faustová, 2001)

Translations by the author
T. S. Eliot: The Wasteland (1966)
O. Davičo: Gale Market (1967)
I. Bunin: The Village (1973)
G. G. Byron: The Corsair (1983)
A. S. Pushkin: Lyrics, Poems and Fairy Tales (1983)
A. Henri, R. McGough and B. Patten: The Liverpool Scene (1986)
G. G. Byron: The Wanderings of Childe Harold (1988)
B. Pasternak: My Sister Life (1991)
A. Ginsberg: Howl (1991)
E. Pound: The Lake Isle (1994)
G. G. Byron: The Prisoner of Chillon (1999)
The Hebrew Melodies, MMMM (2000)

Works translated
Temporary Eternity (1988 Norwegian, selected poems)
The Hope of a Tree, A Man’s Song (1989 Czech, selected poems)
The Melancholy Hunter (2001 English, selected poems)
Translations of his poems have appeared in many anthologies of Slovak poetry abroad.
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