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The page of Štrasser, Ján, English bibliography

Image of Štrasser, Ján
Štrasser, Ján


Renunciation (Odriekanie, 1968)
Subject (Podmet, 1980)
Daily (Denne, 1981)
Live Broadcast (Priamy prenos. 1986)
Road­works Ahead (Práca na ceste, 1989)
The Mouse of Good Hope (My
š dobrej nádeje, 1992)
Eye Background (O
čne pozadie, 1999)
Three Musicals (Tri muzikály, 1979)
Stocking Blues (Pan
ču­chové blues, 1989 a selection)
The Ball of Nobodies. Lyrics of Songs from Evenings with
Milan Markovič (Ples núl. Texty piesní z Veče­rov M. Markoviča, 1993)
Democratic Grannies. Lyrics of songs from Evenings with Milan Markovi
č (Babky demokratky, Text­y piesní z Večerov M. Markoviča, 1994)
literary journalism:
Good Morning from Bratislava, articles from Lidové Noviny and lyrics from the programmes of Milan Markovi
č On a Slanting Plane (Dobrý den z Bratislavy, fejetony z Lidových novin a texty pisní z pořadu Milana Markoviče Na šikmé plošé, 1997)
Doubleheaded Card (Dvojhlava karta, 1999)
pop-up books for the very young:
A Car Honks Behind Us (Trú­bi auto za nami, 1986)
A Little Boat Floats on the Water - together with M. Lehotská (Pláva lo
ďka po vode - spolu s M. Lehotskou, 1989)
translations by the author:
Štrasser has translated a number of important works from Russian and German (the latter in coopera­tion with Peter Zajac). His translations include works by Joseph Brodsky, Velemir Chlebnikov, Nikolai Gogol, I. A. Krylov, Mikhail Lermontov, Osip Mandelstam, Boris Pasternak, Anatoli Pristavkin, Alexander Pushkin, V. Tokareva, Ingeborg Bachmann, Bertolt Brecht, Günter Eich, Karl Kraus and H. Müller.
works translated into foreign languages:
Überlastet (Over­burdened, 1991, German). Translations of his poetry have been published in various collections and anthologies in German, Norwegian, Danish, English and French.
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