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Ahmatova, Anna Andrejevna: Love overpowers its prey... (Любовь in English)

Portre of Ahmatova, Anna Andrejevna
Portre of Kneller, Andrey

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Любовь (Russian)

То змейкой, свернувшись клубком,
У самого сердца колдует,
То целые дни голубком
На белом окошке воркует,

То в инее ярком блеснет,
Почудится в дреме левкоя…
Но верно и тайно ведет
От радости и от покоя.

Умеет так сладко рыдать
В молитве тоскующей скрипки,
И страшно ее угадать
В еще незнакомой улыбке.

Source of the quotationAнна Ахматова: Стихотворения и поэмы, стр.25.
Publication date

Love overpowers its prey... (English)

Love overpowers its prey by fraud,
With a soft amateurish refrain.
Not long ago – it seemed as though
You weren’t dejected and gray.

In the garden, at home, in the field,
Whenever she flashed her smile,
Wherever you were, you believed
You were free and out in the wild.

Once taken by her, you glowed
And you drank her poisons, content.
Because all the stars seemed to grow,
And grass had a different scent,
Autumn grass.

Autumn 1911, Tsarskoe Selo

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Source of the quotation