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The page of Norwid, Cyprian Kamil, English biography

Image of Norwid, Cyprian Kamil
Norwid, Cyprian Kamil


Cyprian Kamil Norwid, a.k.a. Cyprian Konstanty Norwid (September 24, 1821– May 23, 1883) is a nationally esteemed Polish poet, dramatist, painter and sculptor. He was born in the Masovian village of Laskowo-Głuchy near Warsaw. Norwid is regarded as one of the second generation of romantics. He wrote many well-known poems including Fortepian Szopena ("Chopin's Piano") and Bema pamięci żałobny-rapsod ("Bem's Rhapsody"). Norwid led a tragic and often poverty-stricken life. He experienced increasing health problems, unrequited love, harsh critical reviews, and increasing social isolation. He lived abroad most of his life, especially in London and in Paris, where he died.Norwid’s original and non-conformist style was not appreciated in his lifetime and partially due to this fact, he was excluded from high society. His work was only rediscovered and appreciated during the Young Poland art period of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. He is now considered one of the four most important Polish Romantic poets. Other literary historians, however, consider this an over-simplification, and regard his style to be more characteristic of classicism and parnassianism.

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