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The page of Klejnocki, Jarosław, English biography

Image of Klejnocki, Jarosław
Klejnocki, Jarosław


Jarosław Klejnocki (b.1963), poet, literary critic, essayist, literary historian. In addition to the volume of poetry entitled "Krótka historia przeistoczeń" ["A Short History of Metamophoses"] he has also published "Oswajanie" (1993), "Miasto otwarte" ["City Open"] (1995), "Okruchy" ["Shreds"](1997), "W drodze do Delft" ["En Route to Delft"] (1998) and "Mr. Hyde" (1999). Moreover, he has published collections of essays: "Zagłada ogrodu" ["Destruction of Garden"] (1996) and "Piołun" ["Wormwood"] (1999) and anthology: "Po Wojaczku. BruLion i niezależni" (1992). Together with Jerzy Sosnowski he published a critical book entitled "Chwilowe zawieszenie broni" ["Temporary Truce"], which is about artistic work of the so-called "bruLion" generation (1986-1996). He has also co-edited (with Krzysztof Varga and Paweł Dunin-Wšsowicz) anthology "Macie swoich poetów" ["You`ve Got Your Own Poets"] and he is the author of "Bez utopii? Rzecz o poezji Adama Zagajewskiego" ["Without Utopia? About Adam Zagajewski`s poetry"]. Recently (2002) a new collection of his poems came out entitled "Reporterzy, fotograficy, zawiedzeni kochankowie" ["Reporters, Photographers, Disappointed Lovers"] and the volume of poetry: "Jak nie zostałem menelem" ["How Did I Not Become a Bum"]. He works in the Institute of Polish Literature on the Warsaw University. Lives in Zalesie Górne, close to Warsaw.

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