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Petrarca, Francesco: Alone and thoughtful, through the most desolate fields ... (XXXV (Solo et pensoso…) in English)

Portre of Petrarca, Francesco

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XXXV (Solo et pensoso…) (Italian)

Solo et pensoso i piú desert campi

vo mesurando a passi tardi et lenti,

et gli occhi porto per fuggire intenti

ove vestigio human l'arena stampi.


Altro schermo non trovo che mi scampi

dal manifesto accorger de le genti,

perché negli atti d'alegrezza spenti

di fuor si legge com'io dentro avampi:


Sì ch'io mi credo omai che monti et piagge

et fiumi et selve sappian di che tempre

sia la mia vita, che'é celata altrui.


Ma pu sí aspre vie né sí selvagge

cercar non so ch' Amor non venga sempre

ragionando con meco, et io co'llui.

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Alone and thoughtful, through the most desolate fields ... (English)

Alone and thoughtful, through the most desolate fields,
I go measuring out slow, hesitant paces,
and keep my eyes intent on fleeing
any place where human footsteps mark the sand.

I find no other defence to protect me
from other people’s open notice,
since in my aspect, whose joy is quenched,
they see from outside how I flame within.

So now I believe that mountains and river-banks
and rivers and forests know the quality
of my life, hidden from others.

Yet I find there is no path so wild or harsh
that love will not always come there
speaking with me, and I with him.

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