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The page of Ungaretti, Giuseppe, Italian Works

Image of Ungaretti, Giuseppe
Ungaretti, Giuseppe


Accadrà? (Hungarian)
Agonia (Hungarian)
Allegria di naufragi (Hungarian)
Amaro accordo (Hungarian)
Caino (Hungarian)
Canto (Hungarian)
Casa mia [video] (Hungarian)
Commiato (Hungarian)
Cori descrittivi di stati d'animo di Didone (dettagli) (Hungarian)
Dannazione (Hungarian)
Di persona morta divenutami cara sentendone parlare (Hungarian)
Dolina notturna (Hungarian)
Dono (Hungarian)
Dopo la nebbia [video] (Hungarian)
Dormire (Hungarian)
Epigrafe per un caduto della Rivoluzione (Hungarian)
Eterno (Hungarian)
Fase (Hungarian)
Finale (Hungarian)
Fine di Crono (Hungarian)
Fratelli [audio] (Hungarian)
Girovago (Hungarian)
Giugno (Hungarian)
Gridasti: Soffoco... (Hungarian)
I fiumi (Hungarian)
Il Capitano (Hungarian)
Il porto sepolto (Hungarian)
Il tempo è muto (Hungarian)
In galleria [video] (Hungarian)
In memoriam (English, Hungarian)
Inno alla morte [video] (Hungarian)
Italia (Hungarian)
L'isola (Hungarian)
La notte bella [video] (Hungarian)
Lontano [video] (Hungarian)
Mattina (Hungarian)
Memoria d’Ofelia d’Alba (Hungarian)
Nasce forse (Hungarian)
Nascita d'aurora (Hungarian)
Natale (Hungarian)
Nelle vene (Hungarian)
Noia (Hungarian)
Non gridate più (Hungarian)
O notte (Hungarian)
Peso (Hungarian)
Pietà [audio] (Hungarian)
Popolo (Hungarian)
Quiete (Hungarian)
Ricordo d’Affrica (English, Hungarian)
Rose in fiamme (Hungarian)
San Martino del Carso (Hungarian)
Segreto del poeta [video] (Hungarian)
Sentimento del tempo (Hungarian)
Sereno (Hungarian)
Silenzio (Hungarian)
Sirene (Hungarian)
Soldati (Hungarian)
Solitudine [video] (Hungarian)
Sono una creatura (Hungarian)
Stasera (Hungarian)
Statua (Hungarian)
Stella (Hungarian)
Stelle (Hungarian)
Terra (Hungarian)
Tramonto [video] (Hungarian)
Tu ti spezzasti [video] (Hungarian)
Tutto ho perduto [video] (Hungarian)
Ultimi cori per la terra promessa (dettagli) (Hungarian)
Un’altra notte (Hungarian)
Veglia (Hungarian)

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