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Pilinszky János: Tabernákulum

Portre of Pilinszky János

Tabernákulum (Hungarian)

Ki kellene, hogy szabadítsak
valamit valami alól,
keresztbe vetve csapkod szárnyam,
körmöm-lábam, tollam-karom.
Nem jutok el a szentségházig,
örökre hó alatt marad
az a bizonyos tabernákulum,
ami miatt, ami miatt.

Uploaded byN.Ullrich Katalin
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Tabernacle (English)

I ought to find and rescue now
something from under something,
my crossed wings flutter around,
my nails-feet, my feathers-arms.
I cannot get to the sanctuary,
what remains forever under snow
is in fact that certain tabernacle,
because of which, because of which.

Uploaded byN.Ullrich Katalin
Source of the quotationN. U. K.