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Erdélyi József: The Smith of God (Isten kovácsa in English)

Portre of Erdélyi József

Isten kovácsa (Hungarian)

Szemöldöke szemébe hullt,
felső bajuszaként,
ha berúgott, rázta korom-
lepte vad üstökét.
Behorpadt mellét verte két
fekete öklivel. -
Isten kovácsa vagyok én,
világon senkivel
nem cserélek!... hirdette a
tanyában szerteszét. -
Isten kovácsa? gondolám.,
ez már aztán beszéd!...
Sírját is láttam: hantja, mint
melle, besüppedett.
Fejtől sötét jegenyefa
verte a kék eget.

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The Smith of God (English)

His eyebrows swallowed on his eyes
like moustached upper-lips;
when he got drunk he shook his soot-
smeared mane in crazy sweeps.
He used to pound his concave chest
with skinny fists and black.
I am the Smith of God, he said,
I would change places with
nobody else in the whole world.
He told the whole village
The Smith of God? I thought, now that's
proclaiming quite a stack.....
I saw his grave: the caved-in ground
sunk like his chest to lie
on him. At his head a poplar
struck night on a blue sky.



Uploaded byJakus Laura 1.
Source of the quotationHundred Hungarian Poems