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The page of Váci Mihály, English biography

Image of Váci Mihály
Váci Mihály


Born December 25, 1924 in Nyíregyháza. Poet, translator, publicist. Completed studies at teacher-training institution and became teacher in school for children from detached farms. Was seriously ill from age 19 to 25. In 1949 he became college tutor, later college director, and lecturer for 18 county colleges. Moved to Budapest in 1950 and worked in Ministry of Education and then at Tankönyvkiadó. His poems were first published in Új Hang in 1955. Awarded Attila József Prize for Ereszalja (1956) and for Mindenütt otthon (1962), Central Council of Hungarian Trade Unions Prize for Bodza (1960), and Kossuth Prize for contributions to socialistic literature in Hungary (1965). Joined editorial staff of Élet és Irodalom in 1960. Became member of editorial board of Új Írás in 1963; its editor since 1964. Parliamentary representative of Szabolcs-Szatmár County since 1963.
His poems continue the traditions of folk realism and are concerned with socialistic expression of all aspects of human and social problems as way of serving the advancement of socialistic society. Uses imagery of village, nature, and folk poetry to give expression to city life and new psychological states. Has also translated some Russian literature.

Hungarian Authors. A Bibliographical Handbook by Albert Tezla
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