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The page of Móra Ferenc, English biography

Image of Móra Ferenc
Móra Ferenc


Ferenc Móra (Kiskunfélegyháza, 19 July 1879 – Szeged, 8 February 1934) was a Hungarian (Magyar) novelist, journalist, and museologist. Ferenc Móra is universally recognized and acclaimed as a major writer and author in Hungarian (Magyar) literature.

Ferenc Móra was born with an intellectually rich mind into a financially poor family. His father Márton Móra was a tailor, and his mother Anna Juhász was a baker. He acquired his formal education under the most extreme hardships because of the financial poverty of his family. At the Budapest University he earned the degree of Geography and History education but worked as a teacher only for one year at Felsőlövő, Vas county. He was a prominent figure of youth literature in Hungary. His parallel career of museology started in 1904 at the combined library and museum of Szeged serving the county capital of Szeged and its surrounding Csongrád county. He was appointed as the director of the combined library and museum of Szeged and Csongrád county in 1917 and served in that post as director until 1934. Today the museum is named in his honor as the "Móra Ferenc Muzeum" which can be seen on the internet at many websites
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