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The page of Domin, Hilde, English biography

Image of Domin, Hilde
Domin, Hilde
(Hilde Domin )


Hilde Domin (27 July 1909 – 22 February 2006), a German lyric poet and writer. She was among the most important German-language poets of her time. Her poems are rarely metaphorical, completely unpathetic and of a simple vocabulary that in its simplicity meets magic, but the more frequently evoking and appealing; hence poems, which are easily accessible to a wide range of readers, and not confined to specialist audiences. Her output also included some pieces on literature theory.

In an interview in 1986 she was asked the question how much courage a writer needed. "A writer needs three types of courage. To be himself/herself. The courage not to lie and to misrepresent and skew, to call things by their right names. And thirdly, to believe in the open mindedness and forthrightness of the others."

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