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The page of Balázs F. Attila, English biography

Image of Balázs F. Attila
Balázs F. Attila


Attila F. Balázs (b. 1954) has published many books of poems and prose.  His prizes and distinctions include the Sighet Poetry Festival Prize (Romania).  Written in Magyar, his work has been translated into Romanian, Slovakian, Czech, French, German, Spanish and English.  Attila’s work encompasses several cultures, as he has lived in Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic.  He has literary connections to each of these places, and is a member of writers’ associations in each country.  Attila has worked as a puppetter, librarian, journalist (radio and print media), manager and publisher. Currently he lives in Bratislava, where he is a director of the publishing house AB-ART.

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