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Follain, Jean: Music of Spheres (La musique des sphères in English)

Portre of Follain, Jean

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La musique des sphères (French)

À Fernard Marc

Il suivait la route gelée
dans sa poche sonnaient ses clefs de fer
et sans penser, de sa botte efilée
il buta le cylindre
d’une vielle boîte à conserves
qui plusieurs secondes roula son vide froid,
chancela sur elle-même puis s’immobilisa
sous le ciel émaillé d’étoiles.

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Music of Spheres (English)

To Fernard Marc

He was walking on a frozen road
in his pocket iron keys were jingling
and with his pointed shoe absent-mindedly
he kicked the cylinder
of an old can
which for a few seconds rolled its cold emptiness
wobbled for a while and stopped
under a sky studded with stars.

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