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The page of Isabelle Wéry , English biography

Image of Isabelle Wéry
Isabelle Wéry


Isabelle Wéry is a Belgian actress, theatre director and author. Born in Liège, she studied acting at INSAS in Brussels until 1991. In parallel with her work as an actress with a variety of directors, she writes and creates her own theatre works.
Three times nominated for the Prix de la Critique de Théâtre Belge (for the Seul en Scène category), she received the prize in 2008 for her original theatre piece La tranche de Jean-Daniel Magnin.
Her written debut for the stage was with La mort du cochon, for which she received her first nomination for the Prix du Theatre. At the Théâtre de la Vie, she directed her two other texts: Mademoiselle Ari nue and Juke-Box et Almanach. Ceci est mon corps, based on La vie sexuelle de Catherine M by Catherine Millet, is one of her latest creations for the stage. She also wrote Le Bazar des organes for the Compagnie SKBL, touring all over France.
She is also the author of the novel Monsieur René, an imaginary biography of the Belgian actor René Hainaux, as well as Saisons culottes amis (Yvette’s Poems), published in 2010. In 2013, her short story Skaï was published as part of a collection of Belgian authors, Feuillton, and her novel Marilyn désossée was published in 2013.

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