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Alberti, Rafael: My Roe Deer (Mi corza in English)

Portre of Alberti, Rafael

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Mi corza (Spanish)

En Ávila, mis ojos...

Siglo XV


Mi corza, buen amigo,

mi corza blanca.


Los lobos la mataron

al pie del agua.


Los lobos, buen amigo,

que huyeron por el río.


Los lobos la mataron

dentro del agua.

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My Roe Deer (English)

‘On Avila, my eyes…’

XVth Century


My roe deer, dear friend,

My white roe deer.


The wolves slew her

In the depths of the water.


The wolves, dear friend,

That fled across the river.


The wolves slew her

deep in the water.

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