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Yuan, Changming: Vándorlás (Migrating in Hungarian)

Portre of Yuan, Changming
Portre of N. Ullrich Katalin

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Migrating (English)

The cold night is like the tide
Surging from beyond the horizon
You are tired of flying
While the twigs at the bank are full of thorns

O Bird, where are you going to perch?
Can you keep flying until day breaks?

Uploaded byN.Ullrich Katalin
Source of the quotationYuan, Changming

Vándorlás (Hungarian)

A hideg éjszaka, mint az árapály
kizúdul a horizont mögül,
szárnyad fáradtan verdes,
s a parti fák ágain millió tövis.

Madár, mondd, mibe kapaszkodsz majd ?
Bírsz repülni míg új hajnal hasad?

Uploaded byN.Ullrich Katalin
Source of the quotationN. U. K.