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Yeats, William Butler: Rusalka (A mermaid in Serbian)

Portre of Yeats, William Butler
Portre of Fehér Illés

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A mermaid (English)

A mermaid found a swimming lad,
Picked him for her own,
Pressed her body to his body,
Laughed; and plunging down
Forgot in cruel happiness
That even lovers drown.

Uploaded byP. T.
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Rusalka (Serbian)

Zatekla rusalka mladića na kupanju,
Nije se libila njega osvojiti,
Uz njegovo telo se priljubila,
Smejala se; i potonuli
U okrutnoj sreći zaboravila
Da će se njena ljubav udaviti.

Uploaded byFehér Illés
Source of the quotation