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Wolfe, Humbert: A szürke mókus (The Grey Squirrel in Hungarian)

Portre of Wolfe, Humbert
Portre of Hajnal Anna

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The Grey Squirrel (English)

Like a small grey
sits the squirrel.
He is not
all he should be,
kills by dozens
trees, and eats
his red-brown cousins.
The keeper on the
other hand,
who shot him, is
a Christian, and
loves his enemies,
which shows
the squirrel was not
one of those.

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A szürke mókus (Hungarian)

Kis kávéskanna,
ül a szürke mókus,
kis mütyürke,
a pogány! tucatszámra
öli a fát,
megeszi vörösbarna
A vadőr viszont
aki lőtt
a kis mókusra
keresztény, sőt!
szereti ellenségeit,
itt a példa,
jobb ellenségnek lenni

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