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Sweeney, Matthew: Naked

Portre of Sweeney, Matthew

Naked (English)

Take off your shoes, he said,
   and hurl them into the sea.
Take off that satin shirt
   and hand it to me,
and it had better fit, he said,
   or you’re fucking dead.
Take off those grey cords
   and hope you’re my size.
Take off the underpants
   and pull them over your eyes,
and blind, take off each sock
   while waggling your cock,
ignoring the laughs I gift you
   in this ghastly hour –
for you, that is, he said
   before laughing some more
and slapping me on the rump
   commanding me to jump,
Higher! Higher! he shouted
   and I heard a gun click
as sweat bubbled out of me
   and I began to get sick.
Stop that or I fucking shoot!
   You disgusting brute!
He kicked me in the balls
   till I doubled up.
Stand up straight! he roared.
   You contemptuous pup!
And he hit me on the head
   with the gun till I bled.
More mess! he bellowed.
   You’re worse than a pig.
Then he handed me a spade
   and ordered me to dig.

Uploaded byRépás Norbert
PublisherCondé Nast, Advance Publications
Source of the quotationThe New Yorker
Bookpage (from–to)65-66
Publication date