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Smith, Stevie: My Cats

Portre of Smith, Stevie

My Cats (English)

I like to toss him up and down
A heavy cat weighs half a Crown
With a hey do diddle my cat Brown.
I like to pinch him on the sly
When nobody is passing by
With a hey do diddle my cat Fry.
I like to ruffle up his pride
And watch him skip and turn aside
With a hey do diddle my cat Hyde.
Hey Brown and Fry and Hyde my cats
That sit on tombstones for your mats.

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Macskáim (Hungarian)

Ha feldobom, hát rá se ránts,
oly súlyos, mint a nyírfaháncs,
hej-hó, a macskám neve Sánc.
Ha megcsípem titokban én,
senki sem surran énfelém,
hej-hó, a macskám neve Fény.
Ha önbizalmát éri bók,
szökdécsel, fordul, félrelóg,
hej-hó, a macskám neve Pók.
Sánc, Fény, Pók, három macskafi,
hej! Lábtörlőd sírszobrai.

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Source of the quotationG. Á.