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Smith, Stevie: Csordultig voltam… (I Was so Full… in Hungarian)

Portre of Smith, Stevie
Portre of Gergely Ágnes

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I Was so Full… (English)

I was so full of love and joy
There was not enough people to love,
So I said: Let there be God,
Then there was God above.
I was so full of anger and hate
To be hated was not enough people,
So I said: Let there be a Devil to hate,
Then down below was the Devil.
These persons have worked very much in my mind
And by being not true, have made me unkind,
So now I say: Away with them, away; we should
Not believe fairy stories if we wish to be good.
Think of them as persons from the fairy wood.

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Csordultig voltam… (Hungarian)

Csordultig voltam szeretettel
s nincs hozzá elég emberem,
így szóltam tehát: „Legyen Isten”,
s lett Isten odafenn.
Csordultig voltam gyűlölettel
s még mindig nem volt emberem több,
így szóltam tehát: „Ördög, teremj itt”,
s odalenn ott termett az Ördög.
E szereplőktől elmém zaklatott,
s mert valótlanok, én nyűgös vagyok,
most így szólok hát: „El innét velük! El!”
A jósághoz nem tündérmese kell.
Ne kínlódj erdők tündéreivel.

Uploaded byP. T.
Source of the quotationG. Á.