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Smith, Stevie: Harold’s Leap

Portre of Smith, Stevie

Harold’s Leap (English)

Harold, are you asleep?
Harold, I remember your leap,
It may have killed you
But it was a brave thing to do.
Two promontories ran high into the sky,
And fell to the sea's smother.
Harold was always afriad to climb high,
But something urged him on,
He felt he should try.
I would not say that he was wrong,
Although he succeeded in doing nothing but die.
Would you?
Ever after that steep
Place was called Harold's Leap.
It was a brave thing to do.

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Harold ugrása (Hungarian)

Harold, te elaludtál?
Harold, milyet ugortál,
megölhetett volna
az a vitézi torna.
Két hegyfok magasan az égbe hatolt,
ő egyikről a másikra lépe,
s lezuhant a tenger ködébe.
Haroldnak mindig tériszonya volt,
de „meg kell próbálnod”,
hajtotta egy hang ott belül.
Én nem hinném, hogy Harold hibázott,
habár így csak meghalni sikerül.
Te megtetted volna?
Azóta viseli az a meredek
a „Harold ugrása” nevet.
Bizony az volt, vitézi torna.

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