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Smith, Stevie: Flow, Flow, Flow

Portre of Smith, Stevie

Flow, Flow, Flow (English)

Flow, flow, flow,
Deep river running
To the sea.
Go, go, go,
Let all thy waters go
Over my head,
And when my bones are dead
Long may they lie
Upon the ocean bed,
Thy destiny.

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Rohanj, rohanj (Hungarian)

Rohanj, rohanj,
mély áramú folyam
a tengerig.
Eridj, eridj,
vizeddel átzuhanj
fejem felett,
s holt csontjaim heverjenek
ott, hol csupán
ő lesz a végzeted:
az óceán.

Uploaded byP. T.
Source of the quotationG. Á.