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Skelton, John: Wolsey bíborosra (részlet) (Cardinal Wolsey (detail) in Hungarian)

Portre of Skelton, John
Portre of Weöres Sándor

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Cardinal Wolsey (detail) (English)

[From " Why come ye not to court? "]

It is a wonders wark:
They shoot all at one mark,
At the Cardinal’s hat,
They shoot all at that;
Out of their strong towns
They shoot at him with crowns;
With crowns of gold enblased
They make him so amazed,
And his eyen so dazed,
That he ne see can
To know God nor man.
He is set so hye
In his ierarchye
Of frantike frenesy,
And folish fantasy,
That in chambre of stars1
Al maters ther he mars,
Clapping his rod on the borde,
No man dare speake a worde:
For he hath al the saying
Without any renaying.
He rolleth in his Recordes;
He saith, "How say ye, my lordes?
Is not my reason good?"
Good! – even good – Robin Hood! –
Borne up on every syde
With pompe and with pryde,
With trump up alleluya,2
For dame Philargyria3
Hath so his hart in hold.
Adew, Philosophia!
Adew, Theologia!
Welcome, dame Simonia,4
With dame Castamergia,5
To drink and for to eate,
Sweete ipocras6 and sweete meate.
To keep his fleshe chaste
In Lente, for his repaste
He eateth capons stewed,
Fesaunt and partriche mewed –
Spareth neither mayd ne wife –
This is a postel's7 life!

1. chambre of stars. The Star Chamber, a court of civil and criminal jurisdiction for the punishment of offences for which the law made no provision. It was so called because the ceiling of the room in which it was held was decorated with gilt stars.
2. alleluya. In allusion to the pomp with which Wolsey celebrated divine service.
3. Philargyria. Love of money; covetousness.
4. Simonia. Simony; buying and selling church livings.
5. Castamergia. Gluttony. Greek kastrimargia. A not uncommon word among the monks of the Middle Ages, one of whose prayers was, "From the spirit of castrimargia, O Lord, deliver us!"
6. ipocras. Hippocras, or spiced wine, a drink formerly very popular in England. It was made by mixing Canary and Lisbon wines, in equal parts, with various kinds of sweet spices, and allowing the whole to stand for a few days, after which the wine was poured off and sweetened with sugar.
7. postel. Apostle—here ironically applied to Wolsey.

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Wolsey bíborosra (részlet) (Hungarian)

(A „Miért nem jövök az udvarba?”-ból)

Világ csodája ez:
bárki szemet szegez
a kardinál-kalapra,
görbülve hódolatba;
dús városok azonnal
megcélozzák arannyal,
pénzzel segélyezik
s igy lekenyerezik.
A kardinális
feledve máris
embert meg Istent,
úgy székel ott fent
határtalan őrülete
és bogaras képzelete
hogy csillagszobájában
mindent összeroppant,
korbáccsal ver asztalt:
emberfia kuss,
övé minden juss,
nézeteddel fuss.
csak csücsül a kuka.
Mind fölött trónol,
mind néki hódol,
mindent ő módol,
körülvéve elül-hátul,
nem is látszik a pompátul
s harsonáz a halleluja!
Szende szép Philargeria
az ő szivében székel,
melyet megvehetsz pénzzel.
Agyő, Filozófia!
Agyő, Teológia
Üdvözlégy, Simonia!
Te is, Castrimergia!
Hadd igyunk és hadd együnk,
bort, húst kiván a begyünk.
A mocskos testi vétek,
hát böjti ebédnek
a legtisztább étek: kappan bélelve,
fácán spékelve, malac lékelve.
Nem zavarja felesége,
ímé az apostol élete!

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