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Rogers, Samuel: The Sleeping Beauty

Portre of Rogers, Samuel

The Sleeping Beauty (English)

Sleep on, and dream of Heaven awhile—

Tho’ shut so close thy laughing eyes,

Thy rosy lips still wear a smile

And move, and breathe delicious sighs!


Ah, now soft blushes tinge her cheeks

And mantle o’er her neck of snow:

Ah, now she murmurs, now she speaks

What most I wish—and fear to know!


She starts, she trembles, and she weeps!

Her fair hands folded on her breast:

—And now, how like a saint she sleeps!

A seraph in the realms of rest!


Sleep on secure! Above controul

Thy thoughts belong to Heaven and thee:

And may the secret of thy soul

Remain within its sanctuary!


Uploaded byRossner Roberto
Source of the quotationThe Collected Poems of Samuel Rogers