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Pound, Ezra: A Ben Bulben alatt (Under Ben Bulben in Hungarian)

Portre of Pound, Ezra
Portre of Gergely Ágnes

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Under Ben Bulben (English)

Neath Ben Bulben's buttock lies
Bill Yeats, a poet twoice the soize
Of William Shakespear, as they say
Down Ballykillywuchlin way.
Let saxon roiders break their bones
Huntin' the fox
                     thru dese gravestones.


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A Ben Bulben alatt (Hungarian)

A Ben Bulben-hegy seggiben
Bill Yeats, a költő mekpihen.
Shakespear, de kéccer, mer' zseni,
mer' ballykillywuchlini.
Törje nyakát sok randa szász,
ha sírkövin
                rókát vadász.

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