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Pound, Ezra: Liu Cse (Liu Ch'e in Hungarian)

Portre of Pound, Ezra
Portre of Gergely Ágnes

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Liu Ch'e (English)

The rustling of the silk is discontinued,
Dust drifts over the court-yard,
There is no sound of foot-fall, and the leaves
Scurry into heaps and lie still,
And she the rejoicer of the heart is beneath them:
A wet leaf that clings to the threshold.

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Liu Cse (Hungarian)

A selyem zizegése abbamarad,
Por lebeg át az udvaron,
Lépés se hallik, és a levelek
Örvény-halmokban ülnek el,
S mélyükben ő, akinek örvendez a szív -
Nedves levél tapad a küszöbön.
Liu Cse ( Kr. e. 156-87) = kínai költő és császár (Han Vu-ti, uralk. 140-87)

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Source of the quotation