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Ország-Land, Thomas: Epitaffio (Epitaph in Italian)

Portre of Ország-Land, Thomas
Portre of Cikos Ibolja

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Epitaph (English)

While there's still time to sing and laugh

I shall attempt this epitaph.

`He was a jester and a king,

and at his best he was much more:

a child, enjoying everything.`

Uploaded bySebestyén Péter
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Epitaffio (Italian)

Finché ridere e cantare ci è concesso,

io tenterò di scrivere questo epitaffio.

“E’ stato un giullare ma anche sovrano,

ai tempi migliori anche molto altro:

un bambino, che s’è goduto tutto.”



Uploaded byCikos Ibolja
Source of the quotationsaját