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O'Sullivan, Seumas: Fuvolás (A Piper in Hungarian)

Portre of O

A Piper (English)

A piper in the street today

Set up, and tuned, and started to play,

And away, away, away on the tide

Of his music we started; on every side

Doors and windows were opened wide,

And men left down their work and came,

And women with petticoats colored like flame,

And little bare feet that were blue with cold,

Went dancing back to the Age of Gold.

And all the world went gay, went gay,

For half an hour in the street today.

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Fuvolás (Hungarian)

Jött egy utcai fuvolás

s oly szép volt a dala, oly csodás,

hogy vitt, vitt, vitt bennünket, ahogy

tenger visz: nyíltak az ablakok,

és nagy, kicsi mind a kapuba futott

s a kovács lecsapta a pörölyét,

s lángtarka kötényben az asszonyi nép,

a sok fagykék pici láb, topogva

mind visszatáncolt az aranykorba,

láng volt, boldog, tavaszbaborult láng

félóra hosszat ma az utcánk.

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