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Miller, Vassar: On a Weekend in September

Portre of Miller, Vassar

On a Weekend in September (English)

Come God
be man woman child old one
bread breast of the world and water
for that matter
lamb stretched down and down down to the meanest grub
struggling to swim on concrete

merged into that mortal stuff
Ancient of Days of Seas
hauled to your hard wood
Creator brought to your creature

here where I remember Lee Palmer
who 80-odd years ago
prayed by no book but that terrible book of the deeps
on a weekend in September
I quickly skimmed

Dear Jesus
make the waters recede
and give us a pleasant day tomorrow to play
and save my little dog Youno

nobody remembers Lee Palmer now
why would they
he would be an old man now
dying maybe senile maybe
nobody would like him and would wish to hell he'd hurry

still I hope
Lee Palmer
swept out from Galveston in 1900
was swept up to you on the Gulf's gray tongue

because were one lapped
and lulled in the very body of the beloved
that were not bedding deep enough for one to know
and be known back

when each should tremble
cradled in the other's memory
such risky ocean

Open Sea
whose sides
eye cannot touch

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