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Masters, Edgar Lee: Spoon River Anthology - Jack McGuire

Portre of Masters, Edgar Lee

Spoon River Anthology - Jack McGuire (English)

  They would have lynched me

  Had I not been secretly hurried away

  To the jail at Peoria.

  And yet I was going peacefully home,

  Carrying my jug, a little drunk,

  When Logan, the marshal, halted me

  Called me a drunken hound and shook me

  And, when I cursed him for it, struck me

  With that Prohibition loaded cane--

  All this before I shot him.

  They would have hanged me except for this:

  My lawyer, Kinsey Keene, was helping to land

  Old Thomas Rhodes for wrecking the bank,

  And the judge was a friend of

  Rhodes And wanted him to escape,

  And Kinsey offered to quit on

  Rhodes For fourteen years for me.

  And the bargain was made.

  I served my time

  And learned to read and write.

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