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Mare, Walter de la: A szemtanú (The Bards in Hungarian)

Portre of Mare, Walter de la
Portre of Gergely Ágnes

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The Bards (English)

My aged friend, Miss Wilkinson,
Whose mother was a Lambe,
Saw Wordsworth once, and Coleridge too,
One morning in her pram.

Birdlike the bards stooped over her
Like fledgling in a nest;
And Wordsworth said, 'Thou harmless babe!'
And Coleridge was impressed.

The pretty thing gazed up and smiled,
And softly murmured 'Coo!'
William was then aged sixty-four
And Samuel sixty-two.

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A szemtanú (Hungarian)

Agg szomszédnőm, Miss Wilkinson
(anyai ágon Lambe),  
látta Wordsworthöt, Coleridge-ot    
egy régi reggelen.      

A két bárd mint két gém hajolt         
a babakocsira;
és Wordsworth arcán izgalom,         
és Coleridge szól: „Baba."    

A csöppség fölnéz, fölragyog,          
és halkan dongja: „Prütty !"  
William hatvanhárom volt,    
Samuel hatvanegy.     

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