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Mare, Walter de la: Miss T. (Miss T. in Hungarian)

Portre of Mare, Walter de la
Portre of Szabó Lőrinc

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Miss T. (English)

It's a very odd thing -

As odd can be -

That whatever Miss T eats

Turns into Miss T.;

Porridge and apples,

Mince, muffins and mutton,

Jam, junket, jumbles -

Not a rap, not a button


It matters; the moment

They're out of her plate,

Though shared by Miss Butcher

And sour Mr. Bate;

Tiny and cheerful,

And neat as can be,

Whatever Miss T. eats

Turns into Miss T.

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Miss T. (Hungarian)

Furcsa dolog, de úgy van -

amit megeszik

Miss T., az mind-mind

Miss T.-vé változik.

A kása, az alma,

a sajt, a szalámi,

ürücomb, a rétes,

egyszóval: akármi,


amit lenyel

(bár zord az ebéd,

hisz ott van Miss Butcher

s a bús Mr. Bate):

amit a kis, édes

Miss T. megeszik,

az, mind, mind, mind

Miss T.-vé változik.

Uploaded byP. T.
Source of the quotation