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Hollo, Anselm: Pomologija (Pomology in Serbian)

Portre of Hollo, Anselm
Portre of Fehér Illés

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Pomology (English)

An apple a day
is 365 apples.
A poem a day
is 365 poems.
Most years.
Any doctor will tell you
it is easier to eat an apple
than to make a poem.
It is also easier
to eat a poem
than to make an apple
but only
just. But here
is what you do
to keep the doctor
out of it: publish a poem
on your appletree.
Have an apple
in your next book.

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Pomologija (Serbian)

Dnevno po jedna jabuka
365 jabuka.
Dnevno po jedna pesma
365 pesama.
Rećiće ti doktori
lakše je jabuku jesti
nego pesmu praviti.
I lakše je
pesmu jesti
nego jabuku praviti
ali samo
sad. Ali evo
šta ćeš uraditi
da doktora od sebe
udaljiš: svoje pesme
na jabuci objavi.
Nek ti u novoj knjizi
jabuka zri.

Opaska mađarskog prevodioca: Ideja pesme „Pomologija“ potiče iz stare engleske poslovice: „Dnevno jedna jabuka doktora od tebe udalji“. 

Uploaded byFehér Illés
Source of the quotation