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Hedley, Leslie Woolf: Autopsy report on the body of a famous general

Portre of Hedley, Leslie Woolf

Autopsy report on the body of a famous general (English)

there is a river running through him
stuffed with pictures like a reel of film

he seems to have miles of death in him
he flows so easily
and all medallion victories disappear

our knife locates no conscience
no crucifix god leaps angrily out
waving a battleflag

nothing comes out but bourbonblood

he never really had a name flesh
or a pound of love in his liver
empty him of his nothingness

his muscles quiver at our prodding
and we explore his red wet kingdom
finding no feeding inner man
for all is waste all is swamp

his fingers stiffen on parade
and blue veins whiten
like attentive West Point cadets                   

his head falls back open valise

his adam never had an apple
and his skull spills white lard of armies
marching into sewers of limbo

a flick of blade
his eye squeaks of a burning city
like a fading TV tube                                   
and all memory banks enter bankruptcy

he was a plunderer educated to plunder
death was a constant cousin to him

who knows
maybe we are twins dying of the same sickness

who knows
perhaps we may not be able to survive him?

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