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Hart, Kevin: Your Shadow (I)

Portre of Hart, Kevin

Your Shadow (I) (English)

Fed by its eye, the falcon
swims with the flooding wind, watching
its shadow writhe
like something left half-dead.

Open your hand
and see the darkness nursed there; see how
your shadow blossoms,
your body’s very own black flower.

It is a gift, a birth right, your baby shawl
now growing into a shroud;
you are an eye, intent upon this world,
it is your pupil, shining.

Come closer, it is a trap-door
into the secret earth, and one day soon
you will go there
to meet the child you were, covered with dirt.

It will not hurt you, it simply shows
that you are not alone,
that what you fear is part of you,
that you are both the killer and the kill.

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