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Hardy, Thomas: Going and Staying

Portre of Hardy, Thomas

Going and Staying (English)

The moving sun-shapes on the spray,

The sparkles where the brook was flowing,

Pink faces, plightings, moonlit May,

These were the things we wished would stay;

        But they were going.


Seasons of blankness as of snow,

The silent bleed of a world decaying,

The moan of multitudes in woe,

These were the things we wished would go;

        But they were staying.


Then we looked closelier at Time,

And saw his ghostly arms revolving

To sweep off woeful things with prime,

Things sinister with things sublime

        Alike dissolving.

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Távozás és maradás (Hungarian)

Napfoltocskák az ágakon,

csillám, mit habján visz a csermely,

holdfény, lányarc, lakodalom,

marasztaltuk őket nagyon,

s mind messze ment el.


Sivár évszak, havak hava,

bomló kor, mely vérezve hallgat,

gyászba borult tömeg jaja,

küldtük volna őket tova,

de itt maradtak.


S közelről nézve az Időt,

láttuk, mint jár rém-karja körbe,

a kikelet a leverőt

s a fennkölt a fenyegetőt

hogy elsöpörje.

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