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Glenday, John: Krajinka s lietajúcim mužom (Landscape with flying man in Slovak)

Portre of Glenday, John
Portre of Répás Norbert

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Landscape with flying man (English)

I ready about him that was given wings.
His father fixed those things to carry him away.

They carried him halfway home, and then he fell.
And he fell not because he flew

but because he loved it so.  You see
it’s neither pride, nor gravity but love

that pulls us back down to the world.
Love furnishes the wings, and that same love

will watch over us as we drown.
The soul makes a thousand crossings, the heart, just one.

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Krajinka s lietajúcim mužom (Slovak)

Čítal som o ňom, ktorému krídla dali.
Otec mu ich prilepil, aby ho odniesli.

Pol cesty ho domov sprevádzal, potom sa zrútil.
Avšak nie preto, lebo letel,

ale preto, lebo ho natoľko miloval. Vidíte,
nie je to pýcha ani gravitácia ale láska,

ktorá nás napokon späť dole do sveta ťahá.
Láska krídla daruje, a tá istá láska

nás pozoruje, keď sa utápame.
Duša sa vzopre tisíckrát, srdce len raz.[1]

[1] Painting: "Rooster Man Above Vitebsk" (1925) by Marc Chagall. Musee du Luxembourg, Paris. (sorce:

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