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Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson: The bayonet

Portre of Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson

The bayonet (English)

This bloody steel

Has killed a man.

I heard him squeal

As on I ran.


He watched me come

With wagging head.

I pressed it home

And he was dead.


Though clean and clear

I've wiped the steel,

I still can hear

That dying squeal.

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A rohamkés (Hungarian)

Megölt e kés

ma valakit:

rátörtem, és

csak egyre nyítt.


Látta: jövök,

rázta a sokk.

Ledöftem őt,

és most halott.


Törlöm a kést,

vér már sehol,

de mind emészt

az a sikoly.

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