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Dickinson, Emily: Hasonló reggelek 27 (Morns like these - we parted - 27 in Hungarian)

Portre of Dickinson, Emily

Morns like these - we parted - 27 (English)

Morns like these - we parted -
Noons like these - she rose -
Fluttering first - then firmer
To her fair repose.

Never did she lisp it -
It was not for me -
She - was mute from transport -
I - from agony -

Till - the evening nearing
One the curtains drew -
Quick! A sharper rustling!
And this linnet flew!

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Hasonló reggelek 27 (Hungarian)

Hasonló reggelek
Hasonló delek
Verdesett néhányat
S elemelkedett

Sosem selypegte el -
Nem énértem volt -
Költözéstől némán
Ő - Én a kíntól

Majd - közelg az este
Függöny, takarás
Szárnyak suhogása
Volt-nincs a madár

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