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Dickinson, Emily: I sometimes drop it, for a Quick — 708

Portre of Dickinson, Emily

I sometimes drop it, for a Quick — 708 (English)

I sometimes drop it, for a Quick —
The Thought to be alive —
Anonymous Delight to know —
And Madder — to conceive —

Consoles a Woe so monstrous
That did it tear all Day,
Without an instant's Respite —
'Twould look too far — to Die —

Delirium - diverts the Wretch
For Whom the Scaffold neighs -
The Hammock's Motion lulls the Heads
So close on Paradise -

A Reef - crawled easy from the Sea
Eats off the Brittle Line -
The Sailor doesn't know the Stroke -
Until He's past the Pain -

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