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Dickinson, Emily: Egy Felhő elvonult (A Cloud withdrew from the Sky in Hungarian)

Portre of Dickinson, Emily
Portre of Israel Efraim

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A Cloud withdrew from the Sky (English)

A Cloud withdrew from the Sky
Superior Glory be
But that Cloud and its Auxiliaries
Are forever lost to me

Had I but further scanned
Had I secured the Glow
In an Hermetic Memory
It had availed me now.

Never to pass the Angel
With a glance and a Bow
Till I am firm in Heaven
Is my intention now.

Uploaded byEfraim Israel
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Egy Felhő elvonult (Hungarian)

Egy Felhő elvonult
Dicső dicső a Fény
Ám ezt a felhőt meg a társait
Örökre elvesztem én

Ha fürkészem tovább
Ha őrzi a Tűzpirost
Hermetikus Emlékezetem
Kiadta volna most.

Angyalra röpke pillantást ne vess
S ne hagyd ott hamarost
Míg meg nem vetem lábam az Égben
Így fogok élni most.

Uploaded byEfraim Israel
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