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Beckett, Samuel: Serena III

Portre of Beckett, Samuel

Serena III (English)

fix this pothook of beauty on this palette

you never know it might be final


or leave her she is paradise and then

plush hymens on your eyeballs


or on Butt Bridge blush for shame

the mixed declension of those mammae

cock up thy moon thine and thine only

up up up to the star of evening

swoon upon the arch-gasometer

on Misery Hill brand-new carnation

swoon upon the little purple

house of prayer something heart of Mary

the Bull and Pool Beg that will never meet

not in this worl


whereas dart away through the cavoerting scapes

bucket o'er Victoria Bridge that's the idea

slow down slink down the Rindsend Road

Irishtown Sandymount puzzle find the Hell Fire

the Merrion Flats scored with a thrillion sigmas

Jesus Christ Son of God Savior His Finger

girls taken strippin that's the idea

on the Bootersgrad breakwind and water

the tide making the dun gulls in a panic

the sands quicken in your hot heart

hide yourself not in the Rock keep on the move

keep on the move

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